Table 2.

Analysis of electropharyngeogram transients inrab-3 mutants

M3s/pump2.5  ± 0.61.2  ± 0.30.5  ± 0.31.0  ± 0.4
Pump duration (msec)123  ± 7160  ± 17164  ± 12140  ± 19
Subthreshold MCs/pump0.
Nonsynchronous MCs/total subthreshold MCs0.050.510.590.67
  • Data are based on at least eight worms per strain with 10 random traces per worm (trace duration = 5 sec). For analysis of M3 transients only isolated pumps with no other pumps within 200 msec were used. Each mean is presented ± SEM. Subthreshold MC activity is defined as recorded MC transients that failed to elicit a pharyngeal muscle action potential. MC activity was defined as nonsynchronous if the activity consisted of more than a single distinct transient.