Table 1.

Immunoreagents and antisera used

Primary immunoreagentsSecondary antisera
Rt anti-D1 receptor (RBI, 1:500)CY3-D anti-Rt (Jackson, 1:100)  or B-Gt anti-Rt (Jackson, 1:200)
GP anti-GABA (Eugene Tech, 1:1000)FITC-D anti-GP (Jackson, 1:100)  or Au-Gt anti-GP (FAB, Nanoprobe, 1:200)
Ms anti-PV (Sigma, 1:10,000)FITC-D anti-Ms (Jackson, 1:100)  or Au-Gt anti-Ms (FAB, Nanoprobe, 1:200)
Rbt anti-CR (gift of Rogers, 1989, 1:30,000)FITC-D anti-Rbt (Jackson, 1:100)
Ms anti-CB (Sigma, 1:10,000)FITC-D anti-Ms (Jackson, 1:100)
  • All antibodies are in the form of IgG, except the gold-conjugated antisera, which are in the form of FAB fragments. Secondary antisera with a CY3 or FITC prefix are conjugated to the fluorochromes indocarbocyanine or fluorescein isothiocyanate; those with a B prefix are biotinylated. Other abbreviations are as follows: Rt, Rat; GP, guinea pig; Ms, mouse; Rbt, rabbit; D, donkey; Gt, goat; PV, parvalbumin; CR, calretinin; CB, calbindin D-28k; RBI, Research Biochemicals.