Table 1.

Bcl-2-transfected Schwann cells are resistant to apoptosis induced by survival factor deprivation but undergo apoptosis in response to NGF

PI− (%)PI+ (%)Annexin+ (%)
pEF− NGF19898
pEF+ NGF79296
Bcl-2#1− NGF92713
Bcl-2#1+ NGF673233
  • Control (pEF) and Bcl-2-transfected Schwann cells were deprived of serum, neuregulin-β, and forskolin for 48 hr. NGF (10 ng/ml) was added to half of the cultures. To determine the proportions of viable and apoptotic cells in each condition, the cells were detached and stained at 48 hr with propidium iodide (PI) and Annexin-V-Fluos solution and analyzed by flow cytometry. Viable cells exclude propidium iodide and appear in the table as PI−. The data are generated from a single experiment.