Table 1.

Molecular markers of subregions in the mouse hippocampus at E18.5

GeneFunction of encoded proteinFields markedSame fields marked in adult?Fields marked inEmx2 mutant
Steelc-kit ligandDG, CA1DG, yesDG, CA1
SCIPPOU-domain transcription factorCA1yesCA1
KA1Glutamate receptor subunitCA3yesCA3
iGluR7Glutamate receptor subunitDG, CA1noDG, CA1
Wnt5aWnt proteinDGnoDG
Ephb1Ephrin receptorDG/CA3*noDG/CA3
NK3Neuromedin K receptorCA1/CA3*noCA1/CA3
  • *Slash indicates that a marker labels a continuous region that incorporates parts of two fields.

  • DG, Dentate gyrus.