Table 2.

Short-term glutamate antagonist treatment has no consistent effect on calcium transients

Prevalence of Ca2+ transients compared with FSSAP-5 (%)CNQX (%)MCPG (%)CNOX + MCPG (%)
Larger in antagonist24313446
Smaller in antagonist34362324
Same in antagonist42334330
  • Time-lapse imaging of calcium transients in fields of cells were characterized at 2 and 3 DIV in normal FSS at intervals of 30 sec for 30 min. Glutamate receptor antagonists were then applied for 10 min, and a second set of time-lapse images of the spontaneous calcium transients of the same cells was collected as before. No consistent change in levels of spontaneous activity in individual cells was detected by comparing the calcium transients of antagonist-treated cells with the control images for those same cells.