Table 2.

(−)Epicatechin consumption increases angiogenesis

DG (%)Area CA3 (%)Area CA1 (%)
CON3.41 (0.45)5.28 (0.39)6.71 (0.41)
EPI5.62 (0.51)*5.91 (0.41)9.14 (0.38)
  • Mice consumed (−)epicatechin (EPI) or control (CON) diet for 2 weeks and were then given control diet for 5 more weeks. The percentage area covered by blood vessels was quantified in the DG, area CA3, and area CA1. (−)Epicatechin treatment significantly increased angiogenesis in the DG (*p < 0.006) and resulted in a trend toward an increase in area CA1 (p < 0.065). Data are presented as means (SEM).