Table 2.

Demographic and background data as a function of patient (VMPC group) or group (VMPC, BDC, NC)

16414MMeningioma resection
26416FMeningioma resection
3628MSAH; ACoA aneurysm
44213FSAH; ACoA aneurysm
55714FSAH; ACoA aneurysm
65813FMeningioma resection
76511MSAH; ACoA aneurysm
VMPC mean58.912.73M/4F
BDC mean57.214.07M/7F
NC mean57.6n/a6M/8F
  • Age, Age of participant at time of Ultimatum Game testing, in years; Educ., years of education completed; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; ACoA, anterior communicating artery; n/a, data not available; M, male; F, female. The average age did not differ among groups (one-way ANOVA; p = 0.84), and average education did not differ between the VMPC and BDC groups (t test; p = 0.27). Additional background data are provided in the supplemental material (available at