Table 1.

Brain areas demonstrating a significant positive correlation between ICR and the subjective choice contrast image (W − CON)

Brain regionHemisphereMNI coordinates [x, y, z (in mm)]t value
Supramarginal gyrus (parietal lobe)Right66, −42, 445.03
Cerebellum, posterior lobe (lobule VIII)Right36, −52, −624.63
Middle temporal gyrusRight56, −52, −24.46
Inferior temporal gyrusRight68, −50, −124.24
Parahippocampal gyrus (gyrus ambiens, entorhinal area, semilunar gyrus)Right18, −4, −284.00
Superior frontal gyrusLeft−22, 50, 443.79
  • Activated anatomical region, hemisphere, coordinates of the local maxima of significance based on the MNI coordinate system, and the peak t value are given. The reported regions survived a threshold of p < 0.001 (uncorrected; 5 voxel minimum), as well as a permutation-based voxelwise correction of familywise type I error (p < 0.05).