Table 3.

Brain regions additionally activated in the elderly as compared to the young subjects in which performance and brain activation is positively correlated in the OLD group during NONISODIR coordination

Region activatedSidexyzt value
Middle frontal gyrus (DLPFC)L−3638342.86
Inferior frontal gyrus (pars opercularis/triangularis)L−4820244.67
Anterior insulaL−5216−103.92
Superior frontal sulcus (pre-PMd)L−364543.71
Superior temporal gyrusL−58−16−22.68
Superior parietal gyrusL−18−62563.42
Cerebellar hemisphere (V)L−28−48−243.91
Cerebellar hemisphere (VIIIB)R18−60−503.40
  • The t values and localizations (MNI coordinates) of activation peaks showing a significant (p < 0.05; cluster-wise FDR correction for multiple comparisons) positive correlation between the level of brain activity and coordination performance are shown. Regions reaching significance only at an uncorrected level (p < 0.001) are in italics. L, Left hemisphere; R, right hemisphere; M, medial.