Table 2.

Talairach coordinates of regions that showed significant task-related activation (n = 17)

BATalairach coordinatest value
L Medial frontal cortex6−9−45110.788.32
R Medial frontal cortex65−4558.996.68
L Middle frontal gyrus9−32412810.356.37
R Middle frontal gyrus929372710.917.00
L Insula13−378108.945.63
R Insula13392138.606.40
L Intraparietal sulcus7/40−30−584312.627.17
R Intraparietal sulcus7/4027−644111.66.24
L Inferior occipital lobule18−21−88−811.7910.83
R Inferior occipital lobule1836−76−87.877.31
L Thalamus−16−19138.5114.48
R Thalamus15−14138.4012.07
  • L, Left; R, right; BA, Brodmann area.