Table 2.

Percentage of presynaptic and postsynaptic elements immunoreactive for CB1-R in the BNST after injection of the anterograde tracer (PHA-L) in the prefrontal cortex and the retrograde tracer (CTb) in the mesencephalon

TracersProfilePercentage of CB1 positives profilesNo. of particles per μ m ±SEMTotal no. of profilesPercentage of total particles distribution
PHA-LPresynaptic (terminals)92.681.13 + 0.138673.83 (membrane) 26.17 (cytoplasm)
CTbSynaptic contact (terminals ± dendrites)77.150.74 + 0.058370.74 (membrane) 29.86 (cytoplasm)
  • The percentage of CB1-R-labeled presynaptic and postsynaptic compartments relative to PHA-L and postsynaptic CTb is shown. Note that the vast majority of infralimbic terminals within the BNST have the CB1-R. BNST sections used for counting were obtained from four rats. Electron micrographs were taken at a final magnification of 15,000×.