Table 2.

Transition probabilities for medium-sized and large spines over 3 d

Condition0.1 < V < 0.2 to V > 0.25 μm3 (growth of medium spines)V > 0.2 to V < 0.15 μm3 (shrinkage of large spines)Model
Control1.6% (1 of 63)3.4%27.6% (8 of 29)30%C-1
APV + MK-80113.6% (8 of 59)*8.0%12.5% (3 of 24)12%I-1
  • Transition probabilities were estimated from all spines that fulfilled the initial conditions and that could be monitored for 3 d. The predicted values were obtained from the actual initial values of spines as described in Appendix A (S9). The actual data were not significantly different from the predicted results (p > 0.5, Fisher's test) in all four cases. *p = 0.012, versus corresponding value for the control condition (Fisher's test).