Table 2.

aEIF parameters for the coincidence detection model chosen from a normal distribution with parameters (μ,ς) and when not shown, ς = 0

C (pF)Membrane capacitance(220, 5)(200, 2)(250, 10)(250, 5)260
gL (nS)Leak conductance3030303030
EL (mV)Leak reversal potential(−65,1)−55−58−58−55
VT (mV)Spike threshold(−52,3)(−52,1)−50−55−48
VR (mV)Spike reset level−63−54−53−62−47
Δ T (mV)Slope factor22222
τ w (ms)Slope factor250100101030
a (nS)Subthreshold adaptation4010(200, 2)(200, 2)4
b (nA)Spike-triggered adaptation(10, 2)400500100010