Table 1.

Neuromotor measures

Grip strength (mN)
    10 months
        Last trial754753789
    14 months
        Last trial881817870729900954
Rotarod (s, on rod)
    10 months
        Last trial254270262
    14 months
        Last trial276279270300283300
Activity (number of beam crossings)
    10 months13,15112,97915,601
    14 months871796057929856279049475
  • There are only minor differences in motoric measures between transgenic and nontransgenic mice. Grip strength (in millinewtons) expressed as the mean of 10 successive trials did not differ between three groups (PRO, pro-aggregant; CTRL, control; ANTI, anti-aggregant). On the accelerating rotarod, all groups showed a learning curve across the four consecutive trials. Although pro-aggregant TauRD mice started with a lower performance (*p < 0.01), all groups showed a similar performance on the last trial. Also, total counts during a 23 h recording yielded approximately the same number of beam crossings for all three groups in the home cage activity (p > 0.05 for all comparisons). After switching off half of the mice in each group, no motor differences became noticeable (p > 0.05 for all comparisons).