Table 1.

ROI locations and size across subjects

ROI nameTalairach coordinatesROI size
xyzStd xStd yStd zmm3No. voxels
L Superior parieto-occipital cortex (SPOC)−12−74333.53.54.1170063
R Superior parieto-occipital cortex (SPOC)10−73342.83.23.7131949
L Posterior intraparietal sulcus (pIPS)−22−694533.13.9181267
R Posterior intraparietal sulcus (pIPS)16−69483.33.12.8106840
L Middle intraparietal sulcus (midIPS)−33−55444.144.1207877
R Middle intraparietal sulcus (midIPS)22−56443.14.23.3147154
L Dorsal premotor/Frontal Eye Fields (PMd/FEF)−28−14533.944.3221482
R Dorsal premotor/Frontal Eye Fields (PMd/FEF)26−14514.32.73.7204576
L Precentral gyrus−43−18474.13.84.1183668
R Precentral gyrus41−13473.73.73.8191271
L Ventral premotor (PMv)−56−2322.83.63.4182568
R Ventral premotor (PMv)511302.63.35.2190270
L Dorsomedial frontal cortex (DMFC)−4−8584.33.94.2247492
R Dorsomedial frontal cortex (DMFC)4−7584.23.14.3231886
L Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC)−3428352.73.23.6191971
R Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC)2832361.83.22159859
L Somatosensory (SS) cortex−41−32534.14.24198473
  • ROIs with corresponding Talairach coordinates (mean x, y, and z center of mass and std). Mean ROI sizes across subjects from ACPC data (in mm3 and functional voxels). Std, Standard deviation; R, right; L, left.