Table 4.

Parameters for intrinsic membrane kinetics of the presynaptic inhibitory model neurons

Inhibitory presynaptic neuron model parameters
    Soma diameter10 μm
    Cm1.0 μF/cm2
    χ̇αχ(1 − χ) − βχ(χ)
Sodium (Na) channels
    αm(−0.32(V + 41))/(exp(−(V + 41)/4) − 1)
    βm(0.28(V + 14))/(exp((V + 14)/5) − 1)
    αh0.128 exp(−(V + 37)/18)
    βh4/(exp((−(V + 14))/5) + 1)
    Na100 mS/cm2
    ENa50 mV
Potassium (K) channels
    αn(−0.032 (V + 39))/(exp(−(V + 39)/5) − 1)
    βn0.5 exp(−(V + 44)/40)
    K30 mS/cm2
    EK−90 mV
Passive leak channels
    leak1.0 mS/cm2
    Eleak−55 mV
  • Cm, Membrane capacitance; m, h, n, channel gating variables; αχ, βχ, gating variable dynamics functions where χ stands in for m, h, or n; V, membrane potential; INa,K,leak, current; Na,K,leak, maximum channel conductance; ENa,K,leak, channel reversal potential; χ̇, gating variable differential equation. Sodium, potassium, and leak currents are based on kinetics described by Traub and Miles (1991) and implemented by Destexhe et al. (1996).