Table 3.

Brain clusters showing interaction between APOE genotype and gender and clusters showing differences in subsequent post hoc comparisons

Brain networkContrastBrain regionCluster size (voxels)Peak MNI coordinates (mm)
Posterior DMNAPOE × gender interactionRH cuneal cortex/precuneus7312−7232
LH precuneus490−7038
Posterior DMNFemale ϵ3 homozygotes > female ϵ4 carriersRH cuneal cortex/precuneus/posterior cingulate cortex219318−7432
LH lateral occipital cortex52−44−6416
LH supramarginal gyrus36−50−4642
LH middle frontal gyrus13−381250
Posterior DMNMale ϵ3 homozygotes > male ϵ4 carriersLH superior parietal lobule16−28−4860
Posterior DMNMale ϵ4 carriers > female ϵ4 carriersRH angular gyrus8562−5040
LH lateral occipital cortex30−52−7440
RH cuneal cortex/precuneus2112−7432
  • LH, Left hemisphere; RH, right hemisphere.