Table 4.

Mean response rates for true targets and the illusion stimuli by group

Unimodal hit rateBimodal hit rateDouble-flash illusion
VisualSomatosensoryVisual attentionSomatosensory attentionIllusionNonillusory control
Deaf (%)36(4.7)58(2.7)36(5.0)59(3.3)37(7.8)9.8(1.6)
Hearing (%)44(4.3)56(1.7)39(5.0)55(3.8)12(1.8)10.8(1.7)
  • SEM is in parentheses. There were no significant group differences in hit rates to true unimodal or bimodal targets; response rates to the illusion condition were larger in the deaf group.