Table 3.

Summary of negative affect group demographic and self-report data

VariableLow negative affect group (n = 175)Medium negative affect group (n = 705)High negative affect group (n = 170)χ2/Fp value
Percent female57.70N/A52.60N/A56.50N/A1.930.38
Percent right handed90.90N/A92.50N/A92.40N/A0.520.77
Years of education14.841.8614.631.9314.842.111.350.26
Estimated IQ112.748.97113.199.29113.788.890.570.57
Trait negative affect composite score−1.150.27−0.030.451.300.41SelectedN/A
Percent family history of psychiatric illness18.90N/A15.90N/A25.90N/A9.38<0.01
  • N/A, Not applicable; selected indicates that the variable was used to define the groups and therefore, by design, differs between groups.