Table 1.

PPI activations (p < 0.001, corrected)

Brain regionBANumber of voxelsPeak z-valueMNI coordinates
L anterior IPS/IPL7/401394−44−5254
R occipitotemporal cortex371154.0558−66−2
L inferior frontal sulcus46673.84−482822
L anterior inferior frontal gyrus45623.97−42364
L posterior superior frontal sulcus6613.59−241048
R inferior precentral sulcus44463.5252820
L pons363.6−2−14−38
L posterior middle frontal gyrus6253.51−30862
L inferior frontal sulcus (fundus)46243.91−323410
L superior parietal gyrus7203.53−18−5854
  • Brain areas involved in a psychophysiological interaction with fusiform face and parahippocampal house voxels during the decision period, thresholded at voxelwise p < 0.001, cluster corrected to p < 0.05 with AlphaSim. L, Left; R, right; BA, Brodmann area.