Table 3.

Whole-brain analysis results from the contrast of association versus control trials (z > 2.3, p < 0.05, cluster corrected)

Group comparisonRegionMNI coordinatesVoxelsZ-max
Hippocampal sclerosis patients > brain tumor patientsPrecuneus0−66543783a6.78
Left posterior parietal cortex−30−62405.71
Right posterior parietal cortex34−62485.58
Left thalamus−6−1087904.95
Left middle frontal gyrus−5214407365.82
Right middle frontal gyrus4810401365.29
Left inferior temporal gyrus−48−62−163004.51
Right inferior temporal gyrus52−64−62724.46
Left fusiform gyrus−28−68−162053.31
Hippocampal sclerosis patients > controlsLeft posterior parietal cortex−32−704813386.67
Right posterior parietal cortex42−543810315.55
Left middle frontal gyrus−4836265705.64
Right middle frontal gyrus5020261574.9
Left superior frontal gyrus−2864−61664.4
Right superior frontal gyrus2824501064.43
Left + right medial frontal gyrus−240323255.09
  • a Number of voxels listed for Precuneus includes the number of voxels for Left and Right posterior parietal cortex.