Table 4.

Cue > rest; interaction between group and time and simple effects

Anatomical regionxyzktz
Increases for training > shamRight inferior frontal gyrus5118−3503.433.34
Decreases for training > sham
Increases for trainingRight supramarginal gyrus54−453918*3.132.88
Decreases for trainingRight putamen219−3985.574.56
Left putamen−249−3313.863.44
Increases for sham
Decreases for shamLeft thalamus−15−39894.874.11
Left caudate−99−33.633.25
Right putamen156−9554.794.06
Training > sham at endpointRight inferior frontal gyrus45186353.863.62
Sham > training at endpoint
Training > sham at baseline
Sham > training at baseline
  • Corrected using AlphaSim; voxelwise threshold of p = 0.005, cluster size k > 29 for training, 35 for sham, and 35 for analyses with both groups unless otherwise noted; search conducted within the masks shown in Figure 2.

  • *This cluster emerged at a slightly lower threshold but was significant at the default threshold in the whole-sample (N = 60) mask.