Table 1.

Task variants for Monkeys L and Ra

Chamber location/monkeyArmFixation (s)Bicolor target (s)Single-color target (effector instruction, s)Planning period (s)Included in manuscript?% of data per animal
RR0.8––1.2 (saccade)No25
RR0.8––1.2 (reach)No25
LR1–1.51 (saccade)1–1.5Yes32
LR1–1.51 (reach)1–1.5Yes32
LR0.8– (saccade)0.5–1Yes9
LR0.8– (reach)0.5–1Yes9
  • aEach monkey took part in a reach-saccade task with a planning period. Monkey L used the contralateral (right) arm to the recording chamber. Monkey R used the ipsilateral (also right) arm. For Monkey R, some trials without a planning period (rows 2 and 3) were interleaved with conventional planning trials, but these trials were excluded from analysis. Any trials without an instructed effector (5th column) were decision-making trials, in which the animal was free to decide on which effector to use.