Table 2.

Behavioral performances on the tool tasks

TaskHealthy subjectsPatients
Raw scoreRaw scoreCorrected t score
Tool use6.58 (0.23)5.71 (0.80)−4.04 (3.85)
Tool concept
    Oral picture naming98% (3%)74% (32%)−8.44 (10.83)
    Picture associative matching96% (6%)87% (14%)−1.47 (2.13)
    Word associative matching96% (6%)87% (15%)−1.21 (2.34)
  • Raw score for tool use was the mean 7-point-scale rating value; for tool concepts, it was the mean accuracy on each task. The corrected t score of patients reflected the degree of behavioral deficits by taking into consideration the performance of healthy subjects. Numbers in parentheses are SD.