Table 4.

Multiple regression analysis assessing the relationship among pain unpleasantness ratings, respiration rate, and group in MRI session B (n = 75)

VariableBSE Bβsr2Model R2F
Pre-pain unpleasantness0.710.080.63*0.40
Pre-pain respiration rate−0.020.06−0.030.0009
Post-pain respiration rate0.160.050.33**0.06
  • B, unstandardized beta coefficient; SE B, standard error of unstandardized beta coefficient; β, standardized beta coefficient; sr2, semi-partial coefficient squared; pre-pain unpleasantness, pre-manipulation-related pain unpleasantness ratings; pre-pain respiration rate, pre-manipulation respiration rate; post-pain respiration rate, post-manipulation respiration rate.

  • *p < 0.001.

  • **p = 0.001.

  • ***p = 0.04.