Table 1.

Summary of seizures recorded in the observation box

Seizure no.AnimalStateMethodM(III)–EIS–EINsPCs
1a485REMv0193 CA114 CA1
2b485REMs6314 CA119 CA1
3c485REMs2133 CA114 CA1
4c485REMs13283 CA112 CA1
5c485SWSs8183 CA112 CA1
6c485REMv3112 CA110 CA1
7c485REMv193 CA19 CA1
8d485REMv342 CA16 CA1
9d485REMv142 CA10 CA1
10d485REMs052 CA14 CA1
11e443REMv57Not stable 0 CA1Not stable 0 CA1
12f443Movingv060 CA113 CA1
13g480REMv442 CA10 CA1
14g480REMv1142 CA10 CA1
15g480SWSv9121 CA10 CA1
16 h480Movingv724Not stable 0 CA1Not stable 0 CA1
17i480SWSv030 CA115 CA1
18j617Movingv794 CA10 CA1
19k617SWSv383 CA16 CA1
20k617SWSv2181 CA11 CA1
21l617SWSv11230 CA12 CA1
22m617Movingv6104 CA18 CA1
23n617SWSv2115 CA16 CA1
24n617SWSv39Not stable 0 CA1Not stable 0 CA1
25o617SWSv088 CA120 CA1
26p617REMv395 CA12 CA1
27q617SWSv395 CA116 CA1
28r485REMs1530Not stable 0 CA1Not stable 0 CA1
29s443REMv0127 (2 CA3, 5 DG)3 CA3
30t443REMv06Not stable 0 CA3Not stable 0 CA3
31u617SWSv292 CA310 CA3
32u617SWSv1492 CA310 CA3
33v617SWSe2101 CA37 CA3
  • Seizure no., Individual seizures are numbered. The small letter denotes the monitoring session; e.g., seizures 3–7 all occurred during the same monitoring session, denoted by repetitions of the letter “c.” Animal, Animal identification number. State, Brain state preceding seizure (REM: rapid eye movement sleep, SWS: slow wave sleep). Method, Method used to detect onset of electrographic seizure (v: visual inspection; s: automated detection of slow wave). M(III)–E, Time difference between motor stage III and electrographic seizure, positive values indicate that electrographic seizure preceded motor seizure. IS–E, Time difference between ictal spiking and electrographic seizure; positive values indicate that electrographic seizure preceded ictal spiking. INs or PCs tracked, Number of units recorded and tracked through each seizure. Units were classified as interneurons (INs) or principal cells (PCs) during a separate classification period at least 1 h prior to seizure onset. The hippocampal subregion is also indicated.