Table 4.

Statistical comparisons for nerve-recording data

WT (7) vs KO (8) (urethane)
    Citric acid525.220.017
WT (6), pre vs post ODS injection (urethane)
    Citric acid400.810.004
WT (4), pre vs post NaCl injection (urethane)
    Citric acid200.110.845
WT (8) vs KO (7) (pentobarbital)
    Citric acid392.090.240
WT, urethane (7) vs pentobarbital (8)
    Citric acid526.09<0.001
KO, urethane (8) vs pentobarbital (7)
    Citric acid420.580.632
WT, pentobarbital (8) vs post-ODS (6)
    Citric acid362.300.094
  • Degrees of freedom (Df), F-statistic, and p-values are for two-way ANOVAs comparing nerve recording data. Number of mice are in parentheses. For post hoc test results, see Figures 6 and 7. Citric acid and HCl, 3–20 mm. “Others,” 100 mm NH4Cl, 500 mm sucrose, 100 mm NaCl, 300 mm MSG plus 100 μm ammiloride, and 10 mm quinine.