Table 4.

Relationships between changes in surface area and volume and between changes in thickness and volume, for each sample

Area change−volume change
    Global cortex0.16 (0.427)0.47a (<0.001)0.55a (<0.001)0.51a (<0.001)
        Frontal lobe0.26 (0.179)0.68a (<0.001)0.69a (<0.001)0.51a (<0.001)
        Temporal lobe0.04 (0.827)0.37a (0.002)0.69a (<0.001)0.52a (<0.001)
        Parietal lobe0.00 (0.985)0.76a (<0.001)0.33a (0.005)0.29a (<0.001)
        Occipital lobe0.37 (0.056)0.07 (0.543)0.01 (0.922)−0.07 (0.304)
Thickness change−volume change
    Global cortex0.87a (<0.001)0.85a (<0.001)0.93a (<0.001)0.93a (<0.001)
        Frontal lobe0.86a (<0.001)0.87a (<0.001)0.94a (<0.001)0.93a (<0.001)
        Temporal lobe0.90a (<0.001)0.95a (<0.001)0.95a (<0.001)0.92a (<0.001)
        Parietal lobe0.90a (<0.001)0.72a (<0.001)0.91a (<0.001)0.93a (<0.001)
        Occipital lobe0.82a (<0.001)0.79a (<0.001)0.94a (<0.001)0.89a (<0.001)
  • Values displayed are partial correlations between symmetrized APC in different cortical measures, controlling for sex and age, with p values in parentheses.

  • ap < 0.05 (Bonferroni-corrected, factor of 5).