Table 1.

Whole-brain results for BOLD responses associated with shock anticipation, whole-brain voxelwise FWE-corrected (p < 0.05) unless specified otherwise and described in order of strongest activation

Shock anticipation (threat > safe)Peak coordinates, MNICluster size, voxelsFoci Z values
Sample 1 (N = 108)
    L + R insula/inferior frontal gyrus/rolandic operculum/Thalamus/BNST/midbrain/brainstem−282648729>8
    L + R middle cingulate cortex/(pre)SMA (dmPFC)−4−4483635>8
    L precentral gyrus/postcentral gyrus−36−10581746>8
    R inferior parietal lobule64−38261759>8
    R precentral gyrus422407387.1
    R SMA2−86826.3
    L SMA−8−66616.1
    R middle cingulum12−24421145.8
    R SMA1626615.7
    L medial frontal gyrus−104654385.6
    R middle frontal gyrus304222505.5
    R inferior parietal lobule40−4640335.4
    R SMA14106815.3
    L middle temporal gyrus−50−528115.1
    R SMA14166415.0
    R cuneus16−643845.0
    L postcentral gyrus−20−286414.7
    L amygdalaa−200−12354.3
    R amygdalaa220−1233.4
Sample 2 (N = 70)
    L + R middle cingulate cortex/anterior cingulate/preSMA (dmPFC)−71042575.1
    L SMA−18−47065.0
    L insula/inferior frontal gyrus−35187244.9
    R SMA18−774144.8
    L inferior parietal lobule−60−282434.6
    R rectal gyrus432−1814.6
    L inferior frontal gyrus2124−1414.6
    R postcentral gyrus28−427014.5
    R insula/inferior frontal gyrus4224414.5
    R BNSTa74012.7
    L BNSTa−70422.7
  • For highly robust results SPM gives no discrete Z-score, in these cases Z values read >8. The main regions of interest are highlighted in bold font.

  • L, Left; R, right; dmPFC, dorsomedial prefrontal cortex.

  • aFWE small volume-corrected for the bilateral anatomical mask after an initial voxelwise threshold of p < 0.005.