Table 2.

Whole-brain results for BOLD responses associated with shock confrontation

Shock confrontation (shock > ITI)Peak coordinates, MNICluster size, voxelsFoci Z values
Sample 1 (N = 108)
    R + L amygdala/inferior frontal gyrus/temporal pole/lingual gyrus/superior temporal gyrus/vermis/rolandic operculum/hippocampus/insula/thalamus/inferior temporal gyrus/supramarginal gyrus/posterior cingulate/cerebellum/R BNST22−2−1616996>8
    L + R precuneus/L + R cuneus/L + R calcarine0−78501091>8
    L middle temporal gyrus−56−60105617.4
    R + L anterior cingulate2263012997.3
    R middle temporal gyrus60−5643767.0
    R + L middle cingulate2−14361076.8
    L postcentral gyrus/precentral gyrus−48−3458856.3
    R inferior frontal gyrus48440895.7
    Left pons−12−30−26185.7
    Left cerebellum−18−42−46175.6
    Left cerebellum−34−54−50195.4
    Left cerebellum−4−28614.8
    Right thalamus6−28614.8
    Left insula−3621214.8
Sample 2 (N = 70)
    L superior temporal gyrus/temporal pole/insula/middle temporal gyrus/rolandic operculum−60−2118655>8
    R + L cingulate gyrus/postcentral gyrus/precentral gyrus0442762>8
    R rolandic operculum/postcentral gyrus/superior temporal gyrus/amygdala/insula/hippocampus/parahippocampal gyrus52−28212314>8
    L hippocampus/parahippocampal gyrus−18−24−1027>8
    L + R thalamus0−4765>8
    R middle + superior temporal gyrus60−607766.7
    R fusiform gyrus/inferior temporal gyrus56−63−21756.5
    L amygdala−210−1486.2
    L + R cerebellum0−49−21135.8
    L cerebellum−18−42−4955.3
    L precuneus−4−425285.2
    R cerebellum21−46−4934.8
    L temporal pole−42242114.6
    L middle temporal gyrus−56−70−714.6
    R BNSTa70414.3
    L BNSTa−70413.1
  • Highly similar results were obtained for shock versus threat and shock versus safe contrasts. All results are whole-brain voxelwise FWE-corrected p < 0.05 unless otherwise specified and described in order of strongest activation (Z values).

  • L, Left; R, right.

  • aFWE small volume-corrected for the bilateral anatomical mask after an initial voxelwise threshold of p < 0.001.