Table 1.

Comparison of visual cortical plasticity and olfactory glomerular refinement phenotypes in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and DS

GenotypeODPOlfactory glomerular refinement
APPsweImpaired (William et al., 2012)Impaired (Cao et al., 2012)
Wild-type human APP overexpressionNot testedNormal (Cao et al., 2012)
  • This table summarizes the results of assessments of ODP and of olfactory glomerular refinement in mouse strains expressing mutant (Swedish mutation K670N, M671L;APPswe) or wild-type alleles of human APP and in DS model mice trisomic (Ts65Dn) or disomic (Ts65Dn;APP2N and Ts1Rhr) for APP. References to published data are cited.