Table 3.

Main effects of auditory spatial expectation for auditory stimuli

Brain regionsMNI coordinates, mmz-score, peakCluster size, voxelspFWE value, cluster
A Expected > unexpected auditory stimuli
    R SFG854184.9114580.000
    L SFG−654365.80
    R precuneus−4−52263.902600.006
    L precuneus6−56263.28
A Unexpected > expected auditory stimuli
    R STG60−44167.4718,3050.000
    L STG−62−34145.44
    R postcentral sulcus/R IPS34−58465.93
    L postcentral sulcus/L IPS−38−46425.79
    R precuneus4−54546.49
    L precuneus−8−54546.48
    R anterior insula381627.48
    L anterior insula−321626.94
    R posterior cingulate gyrus/L posterior cingulate gyrus4−28265.183390.001
    R anterior cingulate gyrus822325.4042220.000
    R SFG182664.14
    L SFG−26−8704.23
    L precentral sulcus−380385.08
    R precentral sulcus406304.9721860.000
    R middle frontal gyrus4034364.42
    L middle frontal gyrus−3446244.568100.000
    R calcarine cortex12−8483.756800.000
    L calcarine cortex−12−8463.71
  • p values are FWE-corrected at the cluster level for multiple comparisons within the entire brain. Auxiliary uncorrected voxel threshold of p < 0.001. L, Left; R, right. A, auditory.