Table 1.

Paired outcomes of HR/IR versus LR/IR DMRs within all HR/LR DMRs to assess differences in amygdalar methylation profile of IR crossbreda

    Yesn11 (9)n12 (172)No. of both HR/LR DMRs and LR/IR DMRs
    Non21 (122)n22 (631)No. of HR/LR DMRs but not LR/IR DMRs
No. of both HR/LR DMRs and HR/IR DMRsNo. of HR/LR DMRs but not HR/IR DMRsTotal no. of of HR/LR DMRs: n (934)
  • aUsing the DMRs identified in HR rat versus LR rat methylome comparisons (threshold: p < 0.05), the profile of IR rats, which are created by cross-breeding the HR/LR lines, was contrasted with HR and LR profiles (HR/IR or LR/IR comparisons). The paired outcomes are shown in a 2 × 2 contingency table. Because more LR/IR DMRs were observed than HR/IR DMRs (172 vs 122), the IR methylome profiles have a tendency to be more similar to HR (p = 0.004267; McNemar's χ2 test).