Table 5.

Number of journey-dependent fields encoding spatial location, task and journey, or interactions and combinations of those in the start and the goal arms

Cue task
    Location × Task16515.860.01*
    Location × journey2610926.92<0.0001
    Task × journey11489.900.0016
    Location × task × journey13352.270.13
    Location and task126317.26<0.0001
    Location and journey1610843.95<0.0001
    Task and journey76326.27<0.0001
    Location and task and journey33716.49<0.0001
    Insufficient firing34924.82<0.0001
Spatial task
    Location × task24461.20.27
    Location × journey2410233.47<0.0001
    Task × journey104311.440.0007
    Location × task × journey9336.810.009
    Location and task165611.630.0006
    Location and journey1610248.45<0.0001
    Task and journey75626.04<0.0001
    Location and task and journey54420.72<0.0001
    Insufficient firing6130.60.43
  • Start: 153 fields for cue task and 167 fields for spatial task. Goal: 261 fields for cue task and 249 for spatial task.