Table 1.

Random motion condition minus random static condition

Stereotaxic coordinatest valueBrain area
x  yz
Right hemisphere
48−6988.61MT/V5 complex
63−28204.31Parietal opercular cortex
44−23124.09Vestibular field
21−9563.55Premotor cortex
16−95185.03Prestriate cortex
Left hemisphere
−52−647.55.84MT/V5 complex
−35−1−123.58Claustrum/ventral putamen
  • The stereotaxic coordinates (in mm) in this and subsequent tables refer to peaks of statistically significant (see text) changes in normalized CBF. x, Medial-to-lateral distance relative to the midline (positive = right); y, anterior–posterior distance relative to the anterior commissure (positive = anterior);z, superior–inferior distance relative to the anterior commissure–posterior commissure line (positive = superior).