Table 1.

Average simulation parameters

Neuron parametersValueUnits
Membrane resistanceSee Table 2Ohms
Membrane capacitanceSee Table 2Farads
Membrane leakage potential−0.035Volts
Synaptic parameters
EPSP reversal potential0.00Volts
IPSP reversal potential−0.048Volts
Synaptic conductance6.00E-10Siemens
Gap junction conductance5.00E-09Siemens
Tap parameters
Pulse rest0Amps
Phasic pulse1.00E-11Amps
Start time0.01Sec
Tonic pulse2.50E-10Amps
  • The list of physiological parameters used in the four experiments run in this report are summarized. For a more detailed discussion of the origin of these values, see Materials and Methods.