Table 1.

Average signal intensities

Resorufin90.2  ± 1.765.4  ± 0.722.3  ± 0.4
Cy589.7  ± 1.631.5  ± 0.531.3  ± 0.6
  • Average signal intensities of SYTO 14-labeled mitochondria (n = 100) and nonmitochondria granules (n = 100) detected with a Resorufin filter and the corresponding signal intensities in the identical regions caused by Mitotracker labeling detected with the Cy5 filter. Background intensities were generated by examining the average pixel intensity in random 1 × 1 μm regions in the neurite shaft that did not contain any detectable mitochondria or nonmitochondria granules (n = 100). Signal intensities of mitochondria and nonmitochondria granules are significantly above background detected with the Resorufin filter (p < 0.001). Mitochondria intensities are significantly above background with the cy5 filter (p < 0.001), whereas the signal from granules is not significantly above background.