Table 2.

Distribution of the 100 kDa form of MMP-9 activities from hippocampus fractions

Alzheimer51 (61)1-b1 (1)48 (16)1-b
Control76 (11)1-b0 (0)24 (11)1-b
  • Four Alzheimer (Patient ID Nos. 4, 41, 161, 235) and four control tissues (Patient ID Nos. 343, 351, 359, 381) were fractionated sequentially into Tris-soluble, 1% Triton-soluble, and SDS-soluble fractions (see Materials and Methods for experimental details). The average ages were 72 and 64 years for the AD and control patients, respectively. All four AD patients had severe-to-moderate neurofibrillary tangles and neuritic plaques. Of the control patients, only one (No. 343) had moderate neurofibrillary tangles, but no neuritic plaques; all others had mild or no tangles and no plaques.

  • F1-a The percentage of activity in each fraction for the 100 kDa form of MMP-9. The percentage of SD is listed in parentheses.

  • F1-b The difference in MMP-9 activity from Alzheimer and control samples was significant at p < 0.05 (t test).