Table 5.

Activations conditional on number of attributes attended: % rCBF difference

ldlo−detlo−detld−detro−detrd−detldlo− (̅l̅d̅+̅ ̅l̅o̅)̅
L LPs−24,−56,404.061.371.051.281.642.85
BA7Z= 4.62
L IFS−46,30,245.72−0.270.74−1.72−3.195.49
BA46Z= 6.53
L lower GPrC−52,14,83.99−0.630.13−1.14−1.234.25
BA6/44Z= 4.70
L upper GPrC−44,0,444.660.991.85−0.370.753.24
BA32Z= 4.65
L GTm−42,−46,−41.34−1.44−2.75−1.18−1.093.44
BA21/37Z= 4.42
  • First experiment. Foci revealed by subtraction of mean activity in left object single-feature discriminations from dual discrimination. Anatomical name, Talairach coordinates, rCBF differences between conditions expressed as a percentage of detection rCBF, andZ scores. Bold, Corrected p < 0.05. GC, Cingulate gyrus. See previous tables for other abbreviations.