Table 1.

Relation between extent of medial temporal-lobe lesion and severity of amnesia as measured by the difference between the Full Scale I.Q. (F.S. I.Q.) and the Memory Quotient (M.Q.). (Normal subjects show no significant difference.)

SubjectLesionF.S. I.Q.M.Q.I.Q.–M.Q.
H. M.Medial temporal pole (rostral perirhinal cortex), most of amygdaloid complex, anterior 2–2.5 cm of dentate gyrus, hippocampus, and subicular complex bilaterally (age corrected)102.77337
P. B.Left anterior temporal lobectomy including left temporal pole, most of amygdaloid complex, and anterior half of hippocampal formation. Right hippocampus shrunken with diffuse cell loss in hippocampus and dentate gyrus125 9728
R. B.CA1 field of hippocampus bilaterally, with minimal cell loss in subiculum, CA3 field, and anterior amygdaloid area111 9120