Table 1.

Data values for the animal shown in figure 6D–F

Control sideLesion side% (L/C)
Striatal dopamine content (pmol/μg)5.771.0718.54
Control sideLesion side% (L/C)
Number of TH-IR neurons58187490128.74
Before capsule implantationAfter MFG axotomyΔ Turns/min
Amphetamine-induced rotations (turns/min)−0.33−6.21−5.88
  • Values for striatal DA content, number of TH+neurons, and number of turns/min for the animal shown in Figure6D–F. Note the apparent increase in the number of TH-IR on the lesioned side, as compared with the nonlesioned side. Also note the strong contralateral (negative) turning experienced by the animal after axotomy. Turning contralateral to the lesion was also seen in four additional animals that had received a capsule containing GDNF-secreting BHK cells.