Table 1.

Selectivity of α-conotoxins

Mii GCCSNPVCHLEHSNLCα3β20.5(Cartier et al., 1996a,b)
MiGRCCHPACGKNYSCα1β1δγ10(Johnson et al., 1995)
Imi GCCSDPRCAWRCα7220(Johnson et al., 1995)
  • The disulfide bonding pattern is as follows:  Embedded Image

  • The structurally related α-conotoxins are selective for the indicated nAChR subunits expressed in Xenopus oocytes. Clones for neuronal subunits were from rat and clones for muscle subunits were from mouse.

  • * The C-terminal α-carboxyl group of all these peptides is amidated.