Table 1.

Summary of developmental expression pattern of phototransduction genes in rat pineal

Phototransduction componentsPercentage of cells expressingDevelopmental time courseExpression levels
Rhodopsin>80High P2–P8,++++ P2–P8
 >20× lower in adult++ P12–P16
+/− P60
Cone transducin>80High P2–P8++++ P2–P8
Cone phosphodiesterase IRBP5–10× lower in adult+++ P12–P16
+/++ P110
Rhodopsin kinase>80High P2–P110++ Most cells
Rod arrestin++++ Some cells
Blue cone pigment5–10High P2–P110+++
 (low in >50%)+/− In many cells
Rod transducin<0.2Only seen at P12+++
Rod phosphodiesterase
Recoverin0.3–2Low at P2+ P2
High at P5+++ P5
Gradually lower P8–P16++ P8–P16
Low in adult+ P110
Cone arrestin0.2–1Low at P12− P2–P8
Higher at P16+/− P12
High at P110+ P16
++ P110
Red cone pigment0None− P2–P110
Rod cyclic nucleotide-gated channel