Table 2.

osm-9 and tax-2 mutants have complementary behavioral defects

Sensory modalitySensory neuronDefective inosm-9Defective in tax-2
Olfaction: diacetyl, pyrazine2-aAWAX
Osmotic avoidance2-bASHX
Mechanosensation: nose touch2-cASHX
Volatile avoidance2-dASHX
Olfaction: benzaldehyde, butanone, isoamyl alcohol2-aAWCAdaptation to butanone, isoamyl alcohol2-gX
Water-soluble attractants (taste)2-eASE, ASKX
  • F2-a  Bargmann et al., 1993.

  • F2-b  Kaplan and Horvitz, 1993; J. Thomas, personal communication.

  • F2-c  Kaplan and Horvitz, 1993; J. Kaplan, personal communication.

  • F2-d  Troemel et al., 1995.

  • F2-e  Dusenbery et al., 1975; Bargmann and Horvitz, 1991.

  • F2-f  Mori and Ohshima, 1995.

  • F2-g  Colbert and Bargmann, 1995.