Table 1.

Transport of 125I transferrin and55Fe-transferrin from the central to the lateral compartments in “chambered” sympathetic neurons

Central chamberLateral chamberPercent in the lateral chamber
Experiment 1
3H-inuline 2 hr incubation92456  dpm576  dpm0.62
125-I-TF 2 hr chase35655  cpm2553  cpm6.7
55Fe-Tf 2 hr chase11400  dpm864  dpm7.0
Experiment 2
3H-inuline 2 hr incubation84964  dpm1120  dpm1.3
125I-Tf 2 hr chase42889  cpm3497  cpm7.5
55Fe-Tf 2 hr chase13672  dpm3408  dpm20.0