Table 3.

Time-shift analysis after PoS lesions

n3-aNumber of samples shifted for maximum peak firing rateNumber of samples shifted for minimum range widthNumber of samples shifted for maximum information contentShift between clockwise and counterclockwise functions (°)
 Control331.85  ± 0.421.27  ± 0.261.06  ± 0.184.91  ± 0.92
 PoS lesions252.72  ± 0.683.12  ± 0.503-b2.16  ± 0.343-b11.69  ± 1.593-b
Correlation between lesion size and parameter0.0090.2230.2840.11
  • F3-a  All values of n refer to the number of cells identified in the group, not the number of animals.

  • F3-b  Indicates significant (p < 0.05) pooled t test relative to the control group.