Table 1.

Ultrastructural alterations of N2a cells induced by Aβ(25–35)

Cell blebbing (%)Cell retraction (%)
Scrambled peptide11  ± 316.5  ± 2.5
Aβ(25–35)94  ± 347.5  ± 8.5
Aβ + melatonin42  ± 327.5  ± 2.5
  • Cultured N2a cells were exposed to 50 μmAβ(25–35) or to scrambled peptide (controls) for 12 hr. The number of cells exhibiting conspicuous numbers of large blebs (more than one-half of the cell surface involved) or retraction of their soma was counted (see Fig. 4A,B) and compared with cultures exposed to Aβ plus melatonin. Although both groups treated with Aβ were significantly different (p ≤ 0.005) from the control (scrambled), the group treated with melatonin was also significantly different (p ≤ 0.005) from the group treated with Aβ alone.