Table 1.

Cytokinetic parameters of the PVE in E14 mouse cortex as measured by CLM and PLM method

Cortical subdivisionCLMPLM methodΔ TC (hr)% of mean TC
GFTC (hr)TS (hr)TC (hr)TS (hr)TM (hr)TG1 (hr)TG2 (hr)
Neocortex0.814.03.712. (±6.7)
Archicortex0.814.33.512. (±8.3)
Periarchicortex0.912.42.412. (±0.7)
  • The parameters in columns 2–4 are from the data plotted in Figure 4; the parameters in columns 5–9 are from the data plotted in Figure 5; the estimated range of TC [i.e., the calculated difference in the two estimates of TC (column 5 − column 3)] is shown in column 10; and the % of the range (and the estimated variation) are listed in the last column.