Table 3.

BDNF in the thalamus/mesencephalon

BDNF-ir fibersBDNF-ir cellsBDNF mRNA
Paratenial thalamic nucleus+00
Paraventricular thalamic nucleus++1–2/l–m3/m
Central medial thalamic nucleus++3/l–m3/l–m
Central lateral thalamic nucleus±1–2/l2/l
Intermediodorsal thalamic nucleus++3/m3/l–m
Interanterodorsal/interanteromedial thalamic nucleus++0Light haze
Anterodorsal thalamic nucleus±3–4/l3–4/l
Anteroventral thalamic nucleus++/+++00
Anteromedial thalamic nucleus++-Light haze
Mediodorsal thalamic nucleus+1/l–m0
Laterodorsal thalamic nucleus, dorsomedial+02/l
Laterodorsal thalamic nucleus, ventrolateral+00
Ventrolateral/ventromedial thalamic nucleus00
Ventral posterior/posterior00
Reticular thalamic nucleus00
Reuniens thalamic nucleus++02/m
Rhomboid thalamic nucleus+2/l–m2/m
Zona incerta+/++00
Parafascicular thalamic nucleus4/l3/m
Posterior intralaminar thalamic nucleus++2/m2/m
Lateral posterior thalamic nucleus, mediocaudal++00
Lateral geniculate nucleus (dorsal/ventral)++/+++00
Medial geniculate nucleus (dorsal/ventral)00
Medial geniculate nucleus, medial+3/m3/m
Suprageniculate thalamic nucleus+3/m3/m
Subthalamic nucleus3–4/l3/l
Peripeduncular nucleus++2/m2–3/m
Medial pretectal area++2/m–h2–3/m–h
Parabigeminal nucleus3/m3/l–m
Ventral tegmental area+/++2/l3/m–h
Substantia nigra, compacta+/++2/l2–3/m–h
Substantia nigra, reticular00
Substantia nigra, lateral++2/m–h2/m–h
Nucleus of the posterior commissure++1/m2/m
Retroethmoid nucleus++00
Medial accessory occulomoter nucleus+1/m1/m
Superior colliculus, superficial gray layer+00
Superior colliculus, optic nerve layer03–4/l
Superior colliculus, intermediate and deep gray layer+3/l0
Precommissural nucleus++02–3/l–m
  • Fibers: −, none; +, very light staining; ++, light staining; +++, moderate staining; ++++, heavy staining; +++++, extremely heavy staining. Cells: 0, no cells observed; 1, occasional cells; 2, few scattered cells; 3, moderate number of cells; 4, densely packed cells;

  • F3-160 , could not be determined. l, Lightly stained; m, moderately stained; h, heavily stained.