Table 1.

Summary of activity of purified fractions and synthetic peptide in HN cell assay

SourceExperimentsConcentration tested (ng/ml)Effective concentration (ng/ml)
Y79 fraction 1 size exclusion20.1–1000
Y79 fraction 2 size exclusion30.1–100010–1       
Y79 fraction 3 size exclusion20.1–1000
Y79 17 kDa gel eluent30.1–10001–0.1
Y79 12 kDa gel eluent20.1–10001–0.1
HN 33.1 cation exchange/hydrophobic interaction1210−12–100010−3 –10−7
HN 33.1 6–8 kDa gel eluent1710−12 –100010−3–10−6
Synthetic peptide YDP510−12 –10001–10−3
Scrambled peptide DPY210−12 –1000
  • Summary of 48 in vitro experiments conducted during the course of the purification and after synthesis of the YDP and DPY peptides. HN 33.1 cell survival after exposure to H2O2 was determined. Concentration curves were obtained in each experiment, and the range of optimal effective concentrations obtained from different experiments is shown. Effective concentrations resulted in at least a twofold increase in HN 33.1 cells with processes compared with DMEM vehicle controls.